KidStuff Fundraiser Starts Today!

KidStuff books will be distributed to students today. The fundraiser will run for two weeks and end Sept. 19. The KidStuff books cost $25 each. Save at Macy’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Weis, Michael’s, Sears and more! Most coupons are valid from Sept. 1, 2016 through Dec. 31, 2017. Families quickly save more than the $25.00 cost of the book with great coupons for shopping, family activities, and food!

kidstuffHow it Works

Every student will receive one KidStuff book and a return money envelope with their name inside of a bag. To purchase the book, all you have to do is place your $25 payment of cash or a check made payable to FRES PTA inside the enclosed bag, and send it to school with your child by Sept. 19. Our school will earn 50 percent of the sales from each book or $12.50. If every student purchased one book, we could raise more than $9,000!

You are under no obligation to purchase the book. If you decide you do not want the coupon book, just send it back in the return envelope by Sept. 19.

Interested in Ordering Additional Books?

It’s easy to order more KidStuff Books for your family and friends! Here’s how. If you are purchasing three books, pay $75. Keep the book sent home, and order two more books. Any additional books you order will be sent home with your child.

KidStuff books make great gifts, and you can earn FREE BOOKS for selling. For every five books you sell, you earn one free book worth $25 !f you sell five books, you can keep the one sent home with your child as your free book. Sell 10 books, and you can earn two FREE. Sell 15 books and earn three free!

KidStuff has 17 editions. Out-of-town family and friends will love saving money too! For a list of editions, please see page 1 of your book, or visit KidStuff and fill in your money collection envelope with the other editions you are ordering.

 For questions, please contact Thank you for your support!




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