Power Down and Get Moving for Turn off the Screen Week May 1-7

It’s Turn Off the Screen (and Electronics) Week from now until Sunday, May 7!! Help your child rise to the challenge and eliminate screens this week. There are prizes for children who can go the WHOLE week without ANY screens—TV, mobile devices and video games.

Unplugging from digital entertainment for a whole week is difficult. Whether you are enjoying the weather this week with your family or making things for your FRES teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week, have fun trying to meet the challenge. Then end this week with your fellow FRES families and more fun at our Spring Carnival! Additional ideas include playing, reading, daydreaming, creating, exploring and connecting with family and friends!

Have some more ideas? Comment here, and let us know how your family is spending the week screen free.

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2 comments on “Power Down and Get Moving for Turn off the Screen Week May 1-7

    • We had have lots more bickering in our house this week. But, it’s been relatively easy without screens.

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