Spring Registration for KidzArt at Forest Ridge is Now Open

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Learn to draw with KidzArt! 


Classes are every Wednesday school is in session and are open to students in grades K-5.

Art is great brain food! When children learn to draw, they use wonderful whole-brain thinking and have lots of fun. Consistent participation in KidzArt classes calls on your child to solve problems, persevere and think imaginatively. Within each session, students will explore a variety of artist grade media, such as oil and chalk pastels, charcoal, watercolor, clay, copper, textured papers and much more! Younger children practice following directions and using fine motor skills. Older children love having the freedom, guidance and encouragement to further their skills.

Registration is open. All supplies are provided. The cost is $144 for the eight-week session that begins April 19 and ends June 7. Sign up now at www.KidzArtMD.com!


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