After School Programs

The FRES PTA believes after school programs provide students with a well-rounded elementary school experience. Which is why we sponsor a full slate of programs for students here when the school buildings are open. In addition, Howard County Recreation & Parks runs several after school programs at FRES when the school buildings are open.

How it Works
All classes are held at Forest Ridge, and each activity begins immediately after school ends. Parents must notify their child’s teacher by including a note in the take-home folder that their child will be attending the activity at school. This way the teacher is reminded of where the child should go at dismissal. Be sure to confirm the end time for each activity because not all activities end at the same time. For instance, after school theater arts typical ends later than other programs.

Pick Ups From After School Activities

Parents must make arrangements for their child to be picked up from the room where the activity is held. Pick up details for each program will be provided before the first class. But, it’s important to be on time for pick up, if your child is not attending after care at the conclusion of the class. If you are late, a fee could be assessed. If your child is enrolled in after care, he or she must first report to the cafeteria. The activity provider or parent volunteer will sign your child out, and return your child to the cafeteria when the class ends.

For more information and to learn about discounts for these programs, please contact us.